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Anita Mackegård
Skin treatments

Diploma International Skin Therapist Cidesco 1993

Immediately after completing her undergraduate studies, Anita was recruited by Per Hedén and Jan Jernbeck to Akademikliniken. Her first task was to travel to the United States to continue her education in New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix to learn the latest in medical skin care. When the further education was completed, she started the Skin Care Unit at Akademikliniken.

In total, Anita was at Akademikliniken for about 10 years with spells abroad in New York and Singapore. In recent years she has worked at Sollevi, Atelier Restylane, Sabbatsberg and Art Clinic. Throughout her career, she has continuously updated herself with international training in new and better treatment techniques. She has also been responsible for training in laser and IPL.

Anita’s natural style and reassuring personality – which to some extent can probably be linked to her northern ancestry – make it easy for her to win the trust of her patients. Add to this her unbeatable knowledge and experience in aesthetic skin treatments. 30 years after completing her education, she is still just as committed, enthusiastic and fond of her work.

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