Right now, we are offering a free consultation, call +46 8 98 90 00 or  book here.

Right now, we are offering a free consultation, you can reach us at +46 8 98 90 00 or info@thefaculty.com.

Ebba Hampel Balogh

Certified hair stylist, nail technologist and 
style advisor

Ebba developed an interest in aesthetics and beauty care at an early age, which led her to train as a stylist during high school. She also has a strong interest in sports. She has a Sports and Leadership qualification from Bosön and is a member of the Swedish national team in martial arts.

After high school, she started at the international sports store chain Decathlon, where after 4 years she became a manager at one of the department stores with personnel responsibility for about 15 staff. However, she prefers to work in beauty care. As part of The Faculty, she is now back in the industry where she wants to be.

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