Right now, we are offering a free consultation, call +46 8 98 90 00 or  book here.

Right now, we are offering a free consultation, you can reach us at +46 8 98 90 00 or info@thefaculty.com.

Aesthetic Procedures To A New Level

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Throughout my 40 years of experience as a plastic surgeon in Sweden and around the world, I have had the privilege to see fantastic progress in new and better treatments. In the early 1990s, I was one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to use Botox and I was also involved in the introduction of fillers. The new technologies have led to completely new treatment options with results that could not have been imagined before.

The Faculty is built upon our team’s combined experience and knowledge along with a determination to improve and to take aesthetic treatments to a new level. Now, more than 30 years after we first established Akademikliniken, we draw together the best of all our collective experience and start something completely new. It feels incredibly stimulating.

Hope to see you soon at The Faculty!
Per Hedén

Sofia Augustsson starts at The Faculty On August 14

Sofia Augustsson starts at The Faculty. She is one of the Nordic countries’ most competent and experienced therapists with hundreds of loyal and satisfied customers.

It is with joy and pride that we welcome her to the clinic.

You can read more about her under Employees.

Warm welcome Sofia!

Popular treatments


Fillers are a popular aesthetic treatment used both to reshape the face and to reduce the signs of aging.

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Sculptra / PLLA

PLLA has been shown to be an effective and safe substance to restore collagen production in the skin. Sculptra is therefore a popular choice for people who want to regain more youthful skin with less visible signs of ageing.

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Sofwave is a new technology for all skin colours that offers a quick and easy way to tighten the skin.

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