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The treatment

Laser is a treatment using intense light, where frequencies and other technical parameters can be designed for various desired effects on the skin; everything from generally giving a finer skin to removing skin spots and unwanted hair growth and tattoos.

What is a laser treatment?

Through laser technology, an intense beam of light is created that uses only a small part of the wavelengths present in our daily light. With great precision, the beam can be directed to certain parts of the skin. The purpose is usually to remove unwanted skin-cells or affect the pigment in, for example, blood vessels. By choosing frequency, intensity and various other technical parameters, a laser can be designed and set to produce the desired specific effect.

Properly used, laser is an effective dermatological aid and we have a wide range of treatments. For safe treatments without injuries and to achieve optimal results, solid knowledge and experience are required.

What is treated?

Laser is used with good results for the treatment of wrinkles and for sagging skin on the hands, neck and face. Man removes the outer layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production in the underlying skin layers.

The technique is also used to remove sunspots, age spots, brown spots and tattoos as well as for the treatment of acne.

Treatment time

For most laser treatments, the treatment should be repeated, usually about 1 month apart.

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