Right now, we are offering a free consultation, call +46 8 98 90 00 or  book here.

Does not apply to consultations with a plastic surgeon.

Right now, we are offering a free consultation, you can reach us at +46 8 98 90 00 or info@thefaculty.com. This offer does not apply to consultations with a plastic surgeon.


This policy has been created so that we can provide safe treatment and protect your privacy. The policy is based on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is intended to clarify how we work to protect your privacy and your rights. The policy states how Beauty Through Science Stockholm AB, with Swedish organization number 559375-8047, with the clinic name “The Faculty”, Humlegårdsgatan 14, 114 46 Stockholm, collects, uses and stores your personal data and how you as a customer can get in touch with us with questions about the handling of your personal data.


Your personal data is processed by us when we enter into agreements about The Faculty’s services; such as bookings via website, booking via telephone, purchase of servicesin the clinic, when you provide the clinic with your health declaration, patient consent and for patient journals and record keeping.

Your personal data is further processed by us to meet legal requirements, such as the Patient Records Laws (up to 10 years of storage) and the Accounting Laws (7 years of storage).

Your data may also be processed for marketing purposes where we strive to provide you with good information about our ongoing offers, events, follow-up visits and treatments and information.

We strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data and not to process more data than is necessary for the purpose on each occasion.

What personal data is collected and processed by The Faculty

  • Name
  • Swedish Personal number and/or date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Patient ID in journal system
  • Financial information for repeated transactions for treatments
  • Health information such as medical history including diseases, medical assessment, allergies and/or hypersensitivity to substances or drugs, ongoing medication.
  • Information on performed and planned treatments.
  • Photographs
  • Signed treatment consents and patient information
  • Booking history with time and date
  • Future bookings with time and date

This personal data is collected based on a legal basis; Patient Data laws and the Patient Safety laws and financial information based on the Accounting laws.

The data is stored in accordance with the applicable legislation above, and otherwise for no longer time than is necessary.

Why is the personal data processed?

  • To be able to provide you as a customer with correct and safe medical treatment that is documented according to current legislation.
  • To be able to ensure and uphold quality and develop the business.
  • To be able to communicate with you as a customer and to send out events, news and other offers.

Right to information, withdrawal of consent, rectification or erasure

  • You have the right to request information about our processing of your personal data, the request is sent to privacy@thefaculty.com. Extracts are sent by registered mail to your civil registry address.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to receiving e-mails at any time, you do this by unregistering via the link in the information e-mail you received.
  • If you believe that we have incorrect personal information about you, please contact us at privacy@thefaculty.com for correction. Please note that we do not take responsibility for incorrect personal data due to you not informing us of updated personal data and submitting changes, but of course update these when you bring this to our attention.
  • You have the right to request that we delete information about you that is based on a consent that you have withdrawn, if we handle your personal data only for direct marketing, or if the patient information is no longer used for the purpose for which it was collected. Then contact us at privacy@thefaculty.com with the reason for deletion and which data this relates to.

Safe handling of your data

  • We have developed routines within the clinic to ensure that your personal data is handled securely.
  • All employees at The Faculty have signed a Privacy and Non-Disclosure Policy, and the starting point is always that only the employees who are directly involved in your booking, clinic visit and treatment handle your personal data.


  • When you visit our website, we may send and store a cookie on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This cookie enables the website or web server to collect and save specific, but limited, information from the browser about how you use it and improve your user experience.
  • We may also collect information about your IP address, operating system, which search engine you use for statistical and administrative purposes.
  • The information we collect through your visit to our website is generally anonymized and cannot be traced to a specific person.

Personal data to third parties

  • If The Faculty takes the help of another operator to process your personal data on our behalf, a personal data processing agreement is entered into with them, this to ensure correct and secure handling of your data. In such cases, this concerns suppliers and collaboration partners of The Faculty.
  • Transfer of personal data can also take place to other personal data processors such as authorities, banks, credit card companies, banking service providers, insurance companies, public health regions and pharmacies. When this happens, it is the relevant company or authority that is responsible for processing personal data and their personal data policy applies.

Contact Us

Beauty Through Science Stockholm AB
Organization number: 559375-8047
Clinic: The Faculty
Address: Humlegårdsgatan 14, 114 46 Stockholm
Email: privacy@thefaculty.com

Do not send sensitive personal data by e-mail to The Faculty.

This policy was created on May 9, 2023